What You Weigh me

A - What You Weigh me - Текст песни

(he is here again)
(what you weigh me)
(There are many this time)
(what you weigh me)
Suave House East Coast
(We must go)
West Coast
(Follow me)

Seal em off the one who doubts the A+ now where yo nuts at
Let em fall the basketball i'm asking y'all
Naw fuck it i'm telling right at the door
We gone meet in the park for the six million pimps march
We spark brain sticky (I'm controllin the top nines)
Connected wit real pimping my niggas done popped wine
Tell ya broad to stop look at me close
Cause I ain't saving
The way a chick could come wit that shit can be amazing
(act bad) fuckin wit your mind
(A million ways for me to act bad) Only need one to get the job done
False niggas step in my path what i'ma do
I'ma cut the sheepskin off of the wolf reveal the truth
Ain't no use in helping no good niggas cause they betray you
Frost eyes strapped with a sword ready to slay you
I'ma lay you down busta you can't replace me
I got your daddy feeling like a woman now what you weigh me

They say life is a bitch shit
So is death
Until die and then came to life again ask yourself
Is you frontin for your manhood from the go
Or are you fronting for a certain section or a certain ho
I intend to take no mo
No blows
Knock em out opposite of No-Doze
Say plus never can us never can say we
Love ho's go to pay me now what you weigh me

Who in the fuck is this? (MJG)I'm in yo shit
Leave yo door locked down (my fault) I'm in yo bitch
See you told me in the beginning she had a large heart
Hell but I didn't know she had large lips and down the part
And good throat too (deep as the ocean) now I can see how she provoke you
Man she can swallow some shit any other bitch would choke to
She got you outta yo mind from flattery took yo paycheck
Promised to be down and you ain't never seen that day yet
You fuckin wit niggas that who coast ho's
Pointin fingers and slick tricks and broke ho's
I dispose of those
We broke toes they can't stand on they own ten
We don't fold the competition gets blown in
Im known in and out of state
Bitches come a dime a dozen no niggas get outta place
I relate to all the true ass sistas who truly play me
Ho's you passed you gone in yo heart now what you weigh me


You can't stop a young entre-pre-nuer doer
Bitch as soon as you can take the tour
She's easy dawg wanna make it wit me splurge life
The chick would kill for me
Just to be my third wife in my third life
She's a passed around phony hand me down ass ho
And when niggas think they know everything you don't know
Jack sh (nah) two cent trick you need a fix
You got the Jones
Call that broad and pay to keep the lights on
The good life living like you was raised
You coming wit that check well pimpinery gets paid
And ain't no minuses
It only be pluses when I'm involved
And any funny business go down it get resolved
Cause I ain't got to be taking a chance
Playing my life just like a lottery
Shaking my hand
But still you wanna put a stop to me
Say you wanna get on down
Well ok we stumble and fumble now what you weigh me

Chorus 2x

(Be careful)
(Be careful)   
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