Just Like That

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Until that day

My life had been a river

Following the same, pre-destinated course

Suddenly detouring so unexpectedly

With uncompromising forces

My strongholds broke down all too easily

I remember well

How it did embarrass me

I hung on to his every smile

Marveled at his style


Just like that

He walked into my house

As smug as a cat

He was handsome and smart

Walked away with my heart

Just like that

He found a temporary home in my flat

Telling innocent lies

Throwing dust in my eyes

But I led him on

Knowing that someday soon hed be gone

Just like that

As though he only stopped awhile for a chat

But my secrets he learned

Leaving no stone unturned

And once again, the rivers flowing slowly

Following the same and uneventful course

Now the tears have dried

Its become a pleasant break

I recall without remorse

But now and then

I wonder where he is

And I will admit

He had something that I miss

I guess he was a rolling stone

The only one Ive known

Repeat chorus

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