Abc - Skyscraping - Текст песни

It's four o'clock
And the bells are ringing
The sun is in the sky
I hear the song
That the breeze is bringing
I smile and close my eyes

Slowly drifting
Deeper and deeper inside
I hear your voice
Whispering softly
We're leaving the world outside

* Just hold my hand
And we'll go skyscraping
So high you and I
If your mama asks you
Say we're just escaping
We're gonna be sky high

Time flies
But I don't know where it's going
You vanish in the haze
Sometimes I wish that life
Could be everlasting
These are our Polaroid days

Slowly melting
The sun slips from the sky
I see your face
But it's fading quickly
We're leaving the world behind

(* repeat 3 times)

We're gonna be sky high
You and me, so high
It's gonna be all right   
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