Far From In Love

Above & Beyond - Far From In Love - Текст песни

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I can see behind your eyes that you are afraid of who you are 
Only silence now between us 
I'm amazed we've come this far 
Far from in love (x2)
Like a fire burned to embers 
I know this is where it ends 
In the ashes we are dying 
Almost strangers only friends 
Far from in love (x10 :) )
(so far from in love) 
(you know I don't know how it came so far) 
(far away from the love that we had) 
(from all the loving we that knew) 
(now I miss your touch) 
(fading away from me like melting snow in my hair) 
(I miss your touch) 
(trying to sew up the love that was built on the sand) 
(I miss you so much)
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