Glad To Be Alone

Accept - Glad To Be Alone - Текст песни

I don't like your (_____)
I don't like such stupid people
With their (_______)
I don't like your worthless friends
With the talk about their problems
With a can of small talkthey'll feel good
But they are fools
I don't like to sit beside you
In your brand new car
I don't like to show you need
Every day and night
You come into my life like someone
Being a starbut you are no more
After a few days with you
I was glad to be alone again
Glad- so glad- so glad- alone
Glad- so glad- so glad- alone
If you have to work for nothing
(_____) a day
Tears and sweat I had in future
Not much more to live
Bridge- chorus   
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