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Country: USA
Dates: 1999 - 2004

Discography [+]

Albums and singles:

  • ...And So It Goes [album]
  • The Running [2001, EP]
  • Failure On [12.06.2003, album]
Title Content
1000 Years From Today
A Dear Friend
A Dream Within A Dream
A Hundred Words
A Kiss Goodbye
Aimless Endeavor
Aimless Endevor
Before You There Was Everything
Celebrate Your Life
Death To Traitors
Defect From Decay
Deliver Me
Don't You Worry
Dream On
Ease The Pressure
Failure On My Lips
Falling On My Face
For Your Love
Forever Dancing
Going Through The Motions
Happy Now (A.K.A. Having Fun)
I Love You More
If Only
If Pennies Came From Heaven...
Inner Pattern
Insult to Injury
Into Your Arms
It's Alright Now
Kiss It Good-bye
Kiss it Goodbye
Let It Begin
Let The Music Take You
Lose Yourself In Me
Loving Feeling
Missing You
New Wine
Only Our Faces Hide
Outerspace Girl
Physical Love
Restless Hearts
Righteous Me
Rise And Fall
Rise Fall
Rock To The Rhythm Of Love
Saints Preserve Us
Scarlet Beautiful
Slow Drowning
Surprise Me
Sweet Harmony
Tears Of Blood
The Aftermath
The Blue Period
The Last Detail
The Sun Rising
This Means War
Three Steps To Heaven
Time After Time
Today's The Day
Up, up And Away
Wait & See
Wake up Soon
Watching The Lines Blur
You've Got Me Thinking
Your Love Takes me Higher