1) Just enter performer’s name or composition’s title in search-box at the top of the page and press Enter! And you get instantly a list of matched artists (it appears on the left) and compositions (on the right).

Some search’s features:

  • it check matches of performers in both English and Russian languages (for example, Sergey Rachmaninov will found as for «Rachmaninov», and on-demand «Рахманинов»);
  • sometimes, performer has two different names in database (for example, this situation could happen with «Sergey Rachmaninov», «Rachmaninov Sergey» or «Рахманинов Сергей»). And therefore did not find a list of some works by the artist, make sure that the list not contains another synonym of this artist;
  • some russian authors as the main name are writting in Russian (although the search will find them and by request in English);

2)We provide four basic types of content:

  • lyrics
  • chords and text tabs
  • GuitarPro/PowerTab tabs
  • scores of different formats

If you want to exclude any kind of results, use the buttons at the top right of the site. These buttons will work as the search and browse for the directory on the alphabetical index.


3) You can use the alphabetical directoryat the top of the site. We do not recommend this because it is huge (more than 60,000 titles). And because it is not certain for sure whether Bach on page B (Bach Johann Sebastian) or on the page J (Johann Sebastian Bach). The search query «Bach» will give all possible. Save your time!


4) Unfortunately, the server resources are not infinite, and the site has a download’s restriction. This is 10 files for a day from one IP-address for unregistered users. Is quite common to use one IP-address of group of users. So do not be surprised if the site will tell you that you have already downloaded the 10 files now, though you do not download.

But you can easily avoid this restriction. To do this, go through the registration process — it takes less than a minute and will allow you to download up to 50 files for a day, regardless of the IP-address.


5) The «Upload» button allows you to send new materials to the site. By decision of the administration, your daily limit will be reduced.


6) The section «Request» is very interesting. We like to improve our site, so we are accepting requests for materials, which we do not have, but which are necessary for our users. It is absolutely free and if successful, we will notify you by e-mail!


7) We collaborate with professional musicians, who are engaged to transcribing of famous music exclusively for our site. All of these transcriptions are indicated by «VIP» word and have a special golden icon. You can be sure that these materials are absolutely correct!