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Casely - Ripple - lyrics

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It's like a ripple
You're the stone I threw
The throw just was so simple
Wish I chose the truth
But it's like a ripple
From raindrops into rays
Is it too late to save us?
The current's gotta change
But it's like a ripple

Should retrace my steps that
Led me to feel regret, oh
Soul searching
Found a person who
Was willing to admit his wrongs
It's been overdue for so long
How could I be so foolish and cruel?

What should I do?
How can I prove it?
It's my fault everything all shaky
How can I soothe it?


It's like one thing leads to the next
We always say good night, have sex
It's been three weeks, 27 hours
And still we ain't made up yet
In my head, and in my head
I see you cry and I'm trying
Just to live with myself so



Gonna have you rock 
And have you home so fast
Can I put your heart back together?
All I've got left is my honesty
Would you take my word?
Would you trust in me?
The best blessing that was granted to me was you
I want it back cuz our love's too good to lose


It's like a ripple
Like a ripple
I just wanna make things right
Do you hear my rain drop?
Drop, drop
Drop, drop
Do you hear my rain drop?
Drop, drop
Drop, drop
Goes in a ripple