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Celine Dion - Beauty And The Beast - аккорды

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Beauty And The Beast
Celine Dion
Transcription: Bojan Basic (bbasic@ptt.yu)

           EADgbe      EADgbe
Intro: Eb, x111xx, Eb, x111xx,

Eb             Fm7/Bb   Bb7
Tale as old as time,
Eb             Fm7/Bb   Bb7
true as it can be,
Eb          Gm
barely even friends,
then somebody bends,
          Fm7/Bb        Eb

Eb            Fm7/Bb    Bb7
Just a little change,
Eb               Fm7/Bb
small to say the least,
Eb7           Cm7
both a little scared,
Cm7/G#  Gm7    Fm7
neither one prepared,
Fm7/Bb Bb7     Eb
Beauty and the Beast.

Fm7/Bb Fm7      Gm
Ever   just the same,
Ab         Gm
ever a surprise,
Ab        Gm7
ever as before,
Gm7              Cm
and ever just as sure,
Cm7             C#      C# Eb F
as the sun will rise.

               Gm7/C C7 F
Tale as old as time,
F              Gm7   C7 F
tune as old as song,
F               Am
bittersweet and strange,
Am              Bb
finding you can change,
Bb                Bb    Bb C7 F
learning you were wrong.

F              Gm7                 F
Certain as the sun (certain as the sun),
F             Cm
rising in the east,
F7             Dm7
tale as old as time,
Dm7     Am7    Gm7
song as old as rhyme,
Gm7    C7      F      F F7 Dm
Beauty and the Beast.

Dm      Am     Bb
Tale as old as time,
Bb      Am     Gm7
song as old as rhyme,
Gm7    C7      F
Beauty and the Beast.

F+3, F, F+3

F      F       F
Beauty and the Beast.