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Chris Young - Lighters In The Air - chords

Lighters In The Air
Онлайн-интенсив по вокалу
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Lighters In The Air
Chris Young
[ Predicted key: C ]

Hey guys, this is my first tab, hope yall like it. Im open to any suggestions and
corrections, and be sure to rate. thanks

Standard tuning, no capo

Intro: C C G C

Verse 1:
Cover band ona Flora-Bama deck
C                                              C G
A thousand sun-burned souls
Rum-runners and cold Bud Light
 C                                             C              G
A little Friday night summertime rock and roll
Packed in tight, they were singin' along
C                 G                C         C
 I was hanging on the edge of the crowd
When you spilled your beer down the back of my shirt
C                             G
 You had me when I turned around

C       G         C
Guitars on the Gulf breeze
C                G           C
 Smoke rings 'round the neon
C             G         Gm
 Moonlight in your blue eyes
               C     G             C
'Neath that Georgia hat that you had on
C         G            C
 Just one night to hold you
         C             G      Gm
No, that ain't what I call fair
         C                       G      C
But the memories burn in my mind
      C              G            C
 Like those lighters in the air
C            G       C
 Lighters in the air

Verse 2:
That one look led to a walk on the beach
C              C               G         C
And more kisses than I could count
The best kind of wild and down-home smile
C                   C     G            C
I've ever had these arms around
The amps were screamin' and the people were too
C                             G             C
 While were slow dancing on our bare feet
 Ain't it funny how we missed it all
C                         G
And still didn't miss a thing?

(Repeat Chorus)

Verse 3:
 The thought of you won't let me Go
Gm      C                  Gm
 It's been holding on for years

 It don't take much to take me back
Gm      G      C
 Everytime I hear

(Repeat Chorus)
        C        G        C
 Raise your lighters in the air

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