I Dont Wanna Let You Go

Clay - I Dont Wanna Let You Go - chords

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I Dont Wanna Let You Go
[ Predicted key: D ]

I Don't wanna Let you Go
By: C.L.a.Y
Lyrics: Kevin Pacheco
Compose by:Dharen"the_lead"

hi mga christians!! eto nga pla ung created song nmin pra sa valentines day!! sna mgustuhan nyo!!!

Intro: D-Dsus4-D-D(2x)
Verse I:D-A-G-A
I never noticed,you have a wonderful smile,
i wanna see it night and day...
It seems I feel like, I'm fallin in love
I don't know why it's growin'
Growin everyday...

Pre Chorus: A-G-A-G
Cause i took you for a granted,
When you were on my side...
Coz' we started as a friends,
And now i realize......

      D                        A
Cause I can't fight this feelin' anymore
G                          A
You're the one I'm lookin' for
D                 A         G   A break
Now that I've found you... hoooo
I don't wanna let you go

repeat intro

Verse II:(same chords as VerseI)
I never noticed,you always care for me,
And I hope you'll always be...
Honey,I'm sure that the search is over,
Now that I love you,
Please, please don't go..

repeat pre-chorus
repeat chorus(2x)
Instrumental: D-Dsus4-D-D-D(2x)
repeat chorus
end with D..

for more details email us @ the_lead_08@yahoo.com
Thx!!! Hapi Valentines Day!!!
GODBLESS!!!!!!! mwahhhhhh!!

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