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Coil - Red Skeletons - lyrics

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Red Skeletons

  • lyrics

I love you too with all my heart and soul.

- Are you with me or not? 
- I don't know. 
- I don't want you to drop out in the open. 
- Then how am I supposed to do that? 
- Softly. If you listen to me; if you listen to me... 
- Mmm. 
- Just drop out.

- I'm asking you... 
- I don't want to do any more favours for you. Look, it's over. 
- Please. Please. I'm asking you, I'm asking you as a favour. Yes? I've been a very good friend to you. 
- Really! 
- Yes, I have. 
- Like hell I do. Like hell I do. 
- Yes?

???... I didn't show up, show up ...???... Ah, no, hang on ...???... No, I'm serious. ...???... (laughter) ...??? (some of this speech seems to be reversed)

I love you too with all my heart and soul.

- Look, I'm not having you saying that of me again next week. I'll reorganise the issue  
- Look, do you want to have a continuative relationship with me or not? 
- No.