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Coil - The Sea Priestess - lyrics


The Sea Priestess

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On the sea coast of Tibet 
Egyptian Aztecs are arriving from Norway 
They've been varnishing the woodwork for forty-three centuries 
Here, Nature is naked, her acrobats bathed in blood 
There's a beast of prey on the threshold of pleasure 
And the giantess, sea priestess, beckons the passers-by 
"Do not lose sight of the sea. Do not lose sight to the sea." 
Her wizened mouthpiece whistles with silver fishes 
Swirls of spider-crabs crackle like Wimshurst mechanicals 
All around her, jellies are diaphanous 

After washing myself clean, I had breakfast with the sea priestess 
Whose sibilant esses are escaping gas from the sea floor 
The sea priestess lays on a bed of nails 
Twenty-seven lead soldiers at her head 
The sea priestess is escaping gas 
The grass that grows is turned to gas 
Gas fired from a gun, herbal hydrogen 
If it goes any faster there'll be an astral disaster 
If it goes any faster there'll be an astral disaster 

We spent the rest of time 
With furious faking of dreaming 
Pissing tiny diamonds, and passing the time wondering 
Whether we should walk down the same path 
That had introduced us to the valley the day before 
I was woken three times in the night 
And asked to watch whales, listen for earthquakes in the sea 
I had never seen such a strange sight before 
Somehow I think the soft verges of insanity 
At the hard shoulders of reality 
Point past signs posted in the past sea 
It's probably a lack of poor visibility 
And something special in the sand 
And the essences the rocks on the seashore make 

The men here are desiccated like mummies 
Been out in the sun for thousands of years, walking along 
The women stuff themselves full of collagen and other animal remains 
I don't think we'll stay here long 
As soon as the ships have been rebuilt, we'll be out of here 
Into the sun 

Our ship was wrecked on the sea coast of Tibet 
The first thing we saw were several Egyptian Aztecs arriving from Norway 
Here all nature is naked 
We watch acrobats bathing themselves in blood 
And over the doorway is a beast of prey 
Straddled on the threshold of pleasure 
And a giantess, sea priestess, beckoning the passers-by 
She implores them, "Do not lose sight of the sea." 
She says, "Do not lose sight to the sea."