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David Guetta - Can'T U Feel The Change_ - текст

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Can't You Feel The Change

aka People Oh People

People Oh People

There are mountains in our way

We got brother against brother

How will we stand on judgement day?

Oh People oh people

We gotta find a better way

If we keep fighting 

If we keep dividing

Tell me where will the children play?


Can't you feel the change

Can't you feel the change

Can't you feel the change 

People oh people

Hear every word I say

We come in all different colors

No one's above the other

We are all the same

People oh people

Let's put hatred to an end

In our hearts we have the answer

In our souls we have the power

Together we can make a change



Can't you see the walls tumbling down?

People can't you feel the chains breaking down?

A revolution is going down

A revolution is going down