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Dido - Hunter - chords, lyrics, GuitarPro (GTP) and PowerTab (PTB) tabs, sheets, scores

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this is as correct as it can get, as i got my guitar teacher to tab it for me, and he's 
BRILLIANT!! enjoy!!!

(All bar chords. look on www.chordfind.com if you're unsure of any of the chords.)

verse 1

Cm Cm Cm F
with one light on..........

Cm Cm Cm F
with one small step.........

Cm/Ab Gm  Cm/Ab Gm
if you were a king...........

Cm/Ab Gm Ab
for this queen............


Cm/Ab Fm Cm/Ab Fm
i want to be a hunter again...........

Cm/Ab Fm Cm
so take a chance at life again............

verse 2 

Cm F Cm F
the unread book......

Cm F Cm F
one long pause.....


i dont know the chords for the bit that goes 'the crown you've placed upon my head feels 
too heavy now....' feel free to tell me what it is, otherwise i'll update this asap!!

then the chorus again