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Dido - Let us move on - chords, lyrics

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View chords, lyrics "Let us move on"


Let us move on
        C#m                  G#m
Don't wrap it up and go, or hide it behind the sun
      D#m                   F#m   
Just give it to me as it is, and let it stand

Don't fly it like a kite, between the clouds
It needs no excuse, just bring it down

    A               E          B
Let us that are in pain look upon it
   F#m7 E        B
In all     its glory

Let us move on
             G#m F#m
Let us move on
          B                A
This is short and it will pass
Let us move on
            E  B
Let us move on
              G#m          F#m
For this is short, and it will pass

[ C#m ]

Every voice that is lifted, river and some pain
Show us now, and let love not be chained
We should feel what we can stop let us be alive
Show enough, and we've done, now we can

[ chorus ]

        C#m                     B                       A
And let all that is lost be forgotten, and it will pass
 B     C#m                     B
So let all that is lost be forgotten

[ chorus ]