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Dido - Sitting on the roof of the world - chords, lyrics, tab

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View chords, lyrics, tab "Sitting on the roof of the world"


Sitting on the roof of the world
I climbed a mountain
Not knowing that I had
        Bbsus4                        Bb
Thought it was just a road from a to b

I took no protection
Not much of anything
Just went as I was

Looking in windows
And playing songs
And knocking on doors

And I was not scared
I just enjoyed the sights
Kept myself to myself

         Bbsus4  Bb
There I was
 Bbsus4                     Bb 
Sitting on the roof of the world

There I was, there I was
Not knowing how I got there or how to leave

Everyone says
I was lucky to have got there
As not many can

But truth be told 
I was saved 
By the love 

Of a good man
Who came and got me
And bought me down

From on 
Up there
I'd be lying if I didn't say

I missed it now and then
But I have no wish
To go back there

[ chorus ]

People say
            Dm/F               Eb
What's so special about being back here
With everyone so close
But that's the point
         Dm         Eb
I don't want to be different
I just want to fit in

[ chorus ]