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Florida Georgia Line - Man I Am Today - chords, lyrics

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View chords, lyrics "Man I Am Today"


Man I Am Today
Florida Georgia Line
|Cadd9  G  |D   Em  |
|Cadd9  G  |D       |

Cadd9            G  
 Its a kiss from Katie on the swing set,
Em          D 
 when I was in 3rd grade

Cadd9            G
 Teacher makin me sit from recess,
Em            D
 when I would mis-behave

Cadd9                  G
 Its a long haul to see my grandma,
Em          D
 during the holidays

Cadd9          G
 I can tell my momma loved Jesus,
Em               D
 by the way that she said grace

|C   |D   |

        Cadd9   G
 Its the spring break,
        D                        Em  
 before me and my buddies had to go our own way
 Cadd9    G             D
 The Sunday, that I got saved
        Cadd9  G          D                        Em
 Its the class ring, that we never bought cause we thought we'd win state
Cadd9          G            D
 But it didn't turn out that way
     Am                    Cadd9
 But I cant complain, it's how I became
 The man I am today

|Cadd9  G  |D   Em  |
|Cadd9  G  |D       |

Cadd9             G                         Em       D
 It's a fast lane headed down the interstate, a long way from home

Cadd9               G          
 Loaded down with a truck full of memories
 Em                  D
 The only thing I've ever owned

Cadd9              G          
 Its a late night, bar fights comin in
 Em               D
 getting pizza at 3 am

Cadd9                  G           
 Fallin' in and out of love with my girlfriend,
 Em               D              C
 asking God to forgive my sins, again
 and again

Cadd9         G      D                   Em
 Its the four years, everybody says your supposed to find yourself 
Cadd9     G        D
 and they were the best

 Cadd9      G            D                      Em
 The lonely tears that I cried the night that I saw my dad die
Cadd9           G             D
 But I know hes in a better place

 Am                  Cadd9
 So I cant complain, its how I became
 D                  Cadd9  
 the man I am today

 Cadd9      G                D                    Cadd9
  Cause the good Lord always seems to have a funny way
    G                    D                Am     C
 of makin' you look back on your life and say

        Cadd9  G      D                         Em
 Its the white dress, walking down the isle the day I said I do
 Cadd9          G                 D     
   Watchin our boy take his first breath

        Cadd9  G         D                             Em
 Its the true love, that made it through the years and started on a swing set,
Cadd9            G          D
 And I know that I am truly blessed

 Am                  Cadd9                          Am        D (strum once)
 So I cant complain, I wouldn't change a thing, its how I became
              Cadd9  G  D  Em 
 the man I am today.  
              Cadd9  G  D
 The man I am today
Cadd9            G                       Em         D        Cadd9
 Its a kiss from Katie on the swing set, when I was in 3rd grade