Day Night

Johnny Orlando - Day Night - chords

Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
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Day Night
Johnny Orlando
[ Predicted key: Am ]

Day & Night - Johnny Orlando feat Mackenzie Ziegler

Am       Em         F         F   -  G

[Verse 1]
Am                                   G
Chillin' with you spendin' some time Girl there is nothing better
F                             F          G
Whatever we do, it'll be fine It don't matter the weather
Am                                 G
Hit up the mall right after school Meet you outside at 3
F                                  F          -      G
Go see a movie, buy something cool As long as you're here with me

[Verse 2]
Am                       G
But I know, I know, when we're far apart
F                            F   -  G
It doesn't change a thing at all
Am                             G
Yes I know, I know that you're here in my heart
F                               F   -    G
You're here to catch me if I fall, ohh

Am                        G
When you close your eyes, Know that I'll be there with you
F                         F        -    G
When you're happy inside, know that I feel it too
Am                            G
When you're caught in a tide, know that I'm here to save you
F                             F  -   G       Am
Cause you're always on my mind All day and night
G             F    F   - G       Am
 All day and night All day and night
G              F      F  - G
 All day and night All day and night

[Verse 3]
Am                                 G
You know me better than anyone else, You know how I feel
F                                      F        -        G
No I can't imagine us not being friends, Just keeping it real
When you're not around and you're out of town,
You still call me up on the phone
Yeah you make me laugh when I'm feeling bad,
          F      -      G
That mean no I'm never alone

[Verse 4]
Am                       G
But I know, I know, when you're far away,
   F                      F    -   G
I never feel quite like myself
    Am                   G
Yes I know, I know it'll all be okay
   F                                F   -          G
As long as we still have each other I don't need nobody else


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