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Justin Bieber
[ Predicted key: Am ]

[ Capo at 1st fret (real key is Bbm) ]

If I Was Your Boyfriend, I'd Never Let You Go
I Can Take You Places You Ain't Never Been Before
Baby Take A Chance Or You'll Never Ever Know
I Got Money In My Hands That I'd Really Like To Blow
Swag Swag Swag, On You
Chillin By The Fire While We Eatin' Fondue
I Dunno About Me But I Know About You
So Say Hello To Falsetto In Three Two, swag

Am   Dm       G      C
 I'd Like To Be Everything You Want
Am   Dm    G
 Hey Girl, Let Me Talk To You

              Am            Dm          G
If I Was Your Boyfriend, Never Let You Go
C                Am            Dm          G
Keep You On My Arm Girl, You'd Never Be Alone
C            Am            Dm          G
I Can Be A Gentleman, Anything You Want
C              Am            Dm             G      C
If I Was Your Boyfriend, I'd Never Let You Go, I'd Never Let You Go

Tell Me What You Like Yeah Tell Me What You Don't
I Could Be Your Buzz Lightyear Fly Across The Globe
I Don't Never Wanna Fight Yeah, You Already Know
I Am 'ma A Make You Shine Bright Like You're Laying In The Snow, Burr
Girlfriend, Girlfriend, You Could Be My Girlfriend
You Could Be My Girlfriend Until The ---- World Ends
Make You Dance Do A Spin And A Twirl And
Voice Goin Crazy On This Hook Like A Whirl Wind, Swaggie

[ Pre-chorus ]
[ Chorus ]

Am               Dm                     Em       C
  So Give Me A Chance, 'cause You're All I Need, Girl
Spend A Week Wit Your Boy I'll Be Calling You My Girlfriend
  If I Was Your Man, I'd Never Leave You Girl
I Just Want To Love You, And Treat You Right

[ Chorus ]

[ Outro ]
Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Ya Girl
Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na Na Ey
If I was your boyfriend
Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na Na Ey
Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na Na Ey
If I was your boyfriend

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