Catching Feelings

Justin Bieber - Catching Feelings - chords

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Catching Feelings
Justin Bieber
[ Predicted key: Bb ]

[ Bb7M   Bb7 Eb Ebm x2 ]

Bb7M       Bb7               Eb   Ebm
   The sun comes up on another morning
My mind never wakes up without your warning
         F        Gm         F             Gm
And it's crazy to me, I even see you in my dreams
        C                           Eb     Ebm
Is this meant to be? could this be happening to me

We were best of friends since we were this high
So why do I get nervous every time you walk by
We would be on the phone all day
Now I can't find the words to say to you
Now what I'm supposed to do

Bb7M                  Bb7
Could there be a possibility
    Eb                    Ebm
I'm tryning to say what's up
Cause I'm made for you, and you for me
Baby now is time for us
Tryna keep it all together
But enough is enough
They say we're too young for love
But I'm catching feelings

Dududududududududu... catching feelings...

In my head we're already together
I'm cool alone, but with you I'm better
I just wanna see you smile
You say the word and I'll be right there
I ain't never go nowhere

I'm just trying to see where this can take us
Cause everything about you girl is so contagious
I think I finally got it down
Now what's left to do now, it's get at the mirror
And say it to her

[ Chorus ]

Bb7M                       C7
   Should I tell her, how I really feel
Bb7M                                C7
Or should I move in closer just be still
How would I know?
           Bb7M                 Bb7
Cause if I take a chance, and I touch her hand
Will everything change?
 Ab                              Bbsus
How do I know, if she feels the same?

[ Chorus ]

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