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Justin Bieber - HOT freestyle - lyrics


This if funky 
Lets go
ATL baby is where I reside
Im a young white rapper &I dont get high
Teenage girls is what I really like
&im still a young boy but im still so fly
Uh lets go
Yeah uh
Yeah you see my smile caught it on the cam-er-a
Drink a red bull grew wings see the stamina
Shout out to my boys yeah they up there in Canada
I use to live there til I moved to Atlanta 
Where the girls are so hot
Yeah the girls are fine too
Catchin bieber fever, forget the swine flu!
Uh yeah
So uh..uh..
Can I be the one to take you round town?
Be the one to call when ya feelin so down?
I could be your man
You could be my crown
Uh yeah
Im Jay-Bieber, first name last name!
Im Jay-Bieber, check it on the past lane!
Im Jay-Bieber, im always in the fast lane!
Yeah uh