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Killers - Change Your Mind - chords, lyrics, GuitarPro (GTP) and PowerTab (PTB) tabs

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Change Your Mind
Song: "Change Your Mind" 
Artist: the Killers 
Album: "Hot Fuss"

Tabbed by: Dave
Tuning: Standard
Capo: 5th fret (Chords relative)

[INTRO] (strum between chords, listen to song for pattern)
C / C7M   ... (8 measures)
Am     F    G (under sweet synth riff)

C / C7M   ...(intro pattern throughout)
Racey days,
Help me through the hopeless haze
    Am  F    G   
But my, oh my.
C / C7M   ...
Tragic eyes
that I can't even recognize
   Am  F    G
myself behind.

   F                 G
So if the answer is no,
                    C / C7M   ...
can I change your mind?

C / C7M   ...
Out again,
a siren screams at half past ten
        Am    F   G
and you won't let go.
C / C7M  
While I ignore,
that we've both felt like this before
   Am     F    G
it starts to show.

   F               G
So if I have a chance
                   C  (bass breakdown)
would you let me know? 

Am    C        F      C
Why aren't you shaken?
Am    C      G
Step back in time.
Am   C     F     C
Graciously taken.
Am C          G
Oh you're too kind!

    F                  G
And if the answer is no
                    C / C7M   ...
can I change your mind? 

C / C7M   ...
We're all the same
    Am   F  G
and love is blind.
C / C7M   ...
The sun is gone
  Am   F   G
before it shines. 

           F                  G
And I said if the answer is no                   
can I change your mind?
F                  G
If the answer is no
                    C / C7M   ... C
can I change your mind?