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Lana Del Rey - Ooh Baby - chords, lyrics

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View chords, lyrics "Ooh Baby"


Ooh Baby
Lana Del Rey
[ Abm Gb Db Abm x2 ]

     Abm                      Gb              Db    Abm
Ooh Baby, can't you hear out favorite song
Ooh Baby, make me wait a bit too long
I don't ever wanna stop, show me everything you got
I've done this before and I should know better
Ooh Baby what planet are you o-on?
What'cha waiting for?
What'cha waiting for?

Did you say you wanna dance with me?
Dbm                     Fb
Say you wanna put your hands on me
Gb                           Abm           Cb
Did you say that there's a chance for me?
         Fb           Cbaug/G
Are you ready now?

Did you say you wanna dance with me?
Should be taking off your pants for me
Are you ready for me finally?
Are you ready now?

[ Abm Gb Db Abm ]

Ooh Baby look at all your hard well friends
Ooh Baby thinking I don't understand
Cause I'm drinking diet coke a lot
Sucking on my lollipops,
I'm the one that grown up, but no one's better
Ooh Baby when you gonna be my man?
What'cha waiting for?
What'cha waiting for?

[ Chorus ]

Fb            Eb
You tell me that you love me
    Abm            Cb7/Gb
I know you do, I know you do
Fb          Dbm                         Eb
It doesn't matter what they say, it's true

[ Chorus ]