It Aint Over Til Its Over

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It Aint Over Til Its Over
Lenny Kravitz
[ Predicted key: D ]

Contributed by:  Frederic Maquet
e-mail: f.maquet@ic.ac.uk
Write to me if you've got any comments or if you have the Tab to the new
Blur song Beetlebum! (or any corrections, or the solo, it musn't be that hard
to tab..maybe I'll do it one day).

No one's posted this yet, even though it's a smashing song!  I didn't actually
figure this out by myself, a friend showed me how to play (Cheers Loic Jounot).
This is  the second song I post here so the chords might not be above the
right words.
It's quite simple to play you just have to get into the rythm.
The chord sequence is: D  D7M   Dsus2 Em Gmin7

D x00232  D7M   x00222  Dsus2  x00210
Em  022000    Gmin7  353333

Lyrics from:
Vincent M. Veltri  veltri@vnet.ibm.com
Cheers mate!

              It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over     Lenny Kravitz

    Here we are
D7M  		Dsus2
    Still together
           Em Gmin7
  we are one
D         D7M         Dsus2
  so much time wasted
	Em          Gmin7
playing games with love

D			  D7M  
So many tears I've cried
So much pain inside
				Em	Gmin7
But baby it ain't over 'til it's over
D			  D7M  
So many years we've tried
To keep our love alive
				Em     Gmin7
But baby it ain't over 'til it's over


How many times

Did we give up

But we always worked things out

and all my doubts and fears

Kept me wondering yeah

If I'd always, always be in love

Chorus ( Repeat )


Chorus ( Repeat ) ( with special sound )

Chorus ( Repeat ) ( Return to first Chorus Sound)

Chorus ( Repeat )

Chorus ( Repeat & Fade )

Lenny Kravitz - It Aint Over Til Its Over - sheets and scores