Whatcha Gon' do

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Чайковский в рок-аранжировке! Очень необычно, послушай!
Girl I've been wondering
About me and you yea
I've got a secret place I wanna invite you to babe
Baby can't you see I'm so into you yes
It's time to show and prove
Whatcha gon' do, whatcha gon' do?

How would ya like it if I hitcha wit a 69?
Would you like me on top, can I hit the hot spot, can I run up in the middle what what?
How would ya like it if I hitcha wit a 69?
Oh yea, can I hit it from the back, do you like it like that do you like it real fast real slow what what?

Now ya know just what, I wanna do, so tell me baby would that be cool?
In my fantasy girl I'm feelin you, yea
It's time to show and prove
So whatcha gon' do. whatcha gon' do?

Chorus x2

Hey, yea, won't you come around my way?
And I'll show you the games that we can play
It's your move and there's nothin more to say
It's time to choose so choose girl,
Tell me whatcha gon' do?

Yo whatcha gon' do, tel me whatcha gon', whatcha gon' do
What, what what what what?
Whatcha gon' do, tell me whatcha gon whatcha gon' do do


Na na na na na na na na na na na na
How would you like it?
Hmmmm, tell me whatcha gon' do?   
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