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Mount Eerie - Dragon - chords, lyrics

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  • chords, lyrics

Mount Eerie
Bm : (x533xxx)
Fm : (x035xxx)
Fm7 : (x055xxx)
Fm : (x025xxx)
C/B : (3x32xxx)
G#/C : (110xxxx)
Bm* : (xx0xx1)
G#m : (xxx32x)
Fm* : (xx221x)

Bm         Fm               Fm7
There is a veil between me
Fm                       C/B    G#/C
And the bottomless sky
Bm         Fm              Fm7
Cloud or a sheet billowing
Fm                     C/B      G#/C
The edge of my mind

C/B                 G#/C
Standing on the street
In the rain
Bm      Fm    Fm7
Only sound
Bm*     G#m     Fm*
Assuming nothing

Bm         Fm            Fm7
Seeing the echoing shape
Fm                        C/B     G#/C
Of the mammoth that tore
Bm         Fm            Fm7
Through the brush here
Fm                        C/B     G#/C
And the dragon that roars now
C/B          G#/C
Roars now

For all I know
Lost in the weather
C/B                      G#/C
Petals blow. Is this a river?
In a palace of water
Nothing is familiar
Bm             Fm 
And the ground always shakes
I dive into
C/B                        G#/C          
A pool of uncertainty
C/B               G#/C
Going into the basement again
Bm      Fm    Fm7
I reach down
Bm*     G#m     Fm*
Beneath the human

Outro: Bm* G#m Fm*