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Offspring - Crossroads - GuitarPro (GTP) and PowerTab (PTB) tabs

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lyrics, tab "Crossroads"

Time has washed away
And now I may wonder
How did it all slip by
Cause I always thought
We had forever
Future calls to me
To take me away from things
I don't want to leave behind
Like I'm slipping away
I can't hold on

Find that path alone
Crossroads lead me away
But thats not what worries me
I just want to know whats home

Through it all
My mind still wanders
To the one who touched my soul
Though her road leads away
She's still my
True love
I could believe

Will is not enough when all those
Lost days stand in the way
But she was
My hopes and dreams my
Whole world
I could believe

I still want to know
Who can see for me
Crossroads tell me

Now you'll have to trade
Your past away
And find another day

Offspring - Crossroads - sheets and scores