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Offspring - Secrets From The Underground - chords, lyrics, GuitarPro (GTP) tabs

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Secrets From The Underground
[ Am C G Dm x2 ]

  Am                           C
Feel the way it goes when the words have left the mark
With the promise of tomorrow,
That tricks that leaves you in the dark
There's something in the air,
And there's something rising up
     Em/G                     E
Not one for a million that i had enough

Hey, you, no
I'm not good at going away
I got something more to say
Kick it, screaming, i knock you down, and knock you down
Hey yo, go, underneath i'll tear you down
Secrets from the underground,
Ain't no stop so far!

This is not an anthem,
Or a threat at someone's name
But a promise that tomorrow
Will rock and burn, and things won't change!
There's something in the air,
There's something rising up
Not one for a million that i had enough!

[ chorus ] 

Am G  Am               G
      Underneath i'll tear you down
Am G             Am                E
      oh, oh, oh, secrets from the underground

[ chorus ]

Hey yo, go
Hey yo, go
Secrets from the underground,
Ain't no stop so far!

[ E Am ]