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Offspring - The Future Is Now - chords, lyrics, GuitarPro (GTP) tabs

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The Future Is Now
[ Fm Eb Db Bbm Cm ]

[ Fm Ab Db Bbm Eb x2 ]

[ Fm ]

This city's made of diamonds
And tomorrow glass will grow
On the freedoms that divide us
         Bbm          Cm
They're coming after me
Flashback 1984
Now who's knock-knocking at your door?
A thought that starts a riot
         Bbm          Cm    Db
They're coming after me    now
Life is not the same
I am one but
Sparks turn into flames

Will you take what's in my head?
And erase me when I'm dead?
Cause the future is now
And now I'm disappearing

The day has turned to night
Can you save me from the light?
Cause the future is here
And this is how I disappear

Running down a spiral
With the light of better men
Shouting progress is survival
Take one last look and see me
Now you see me, now you don't
No vow to break
No string of hope
My hero, your pariah
They're coming after me now

Life is just god's game
I am one but
Sparks turn into flames

And you get what you deserve
When revenge is what you serve
Cause the future is now
And now I'm disappearing

I'll sink into the night
And I'm turning off the lights
Cause the future is here
And this is how I disappear

Db                       Eb
So the end's what you make it
And that's what you're looking for
This is the future
The future is now

[ chords from verse x2 ]

      Fm         Ab         Db       C
Disappear, disappear, disappear, I disappear

Now turn off the lights
The skies are blue inside you
Turn off the lights
They'll get inside of you

[ chorus ]