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Panic At The Disco - chords, lyrics, tabs, tabulatures, gtp, sheet music, sheets, scores

Country: USA
Dates: 2004 - ...

Discography [+]

Albums and singles:

  • A Fever You Can't Sweat Out [27.09.2005, album]
  • I Write Sins Not Tragedies [16.01.2006, single]
  • But It's Better If You Do [01.05.2006, single]
  • Live Session [13.06.2006, EP]
  • Lying Is the Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off [07.08.2006, single]
  • Build God, Then We’ll Talk [26.03.2007, single]
  • Nine in the Afternoon [08.03.2008, single]
  • Pretty. Odd. [22.03.2008, album]
  • Introducing… Panic at the Disco [19.05.2008, EP]
  • That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed) [08.06.2008, single]
  • New Perspective [28.07.2009, single]
  • Kaleidoscope Eyes [2011, single]
  • The Ballad of Mona Lisa [01.02.2011, single]
  • Vices & Virtues [18.03.2011, album]
  • C’mon [17.05.2011, single]
  • Ready to Go (Get Me Out of My Mind) [06.06.2011, single]
  • Miss Jackson [15.07.2013, single]
  • This is Gospel [12.08.2013, single]
  • Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! [08.10.2013, album]
  • Nicotine [06.05.2014, EP]
  • Hallelujah [20.04.2015, single]
  • Victorious [29.09.2015, single]
  • Emperor's New Clothes [22.10.2015, single]
  • LA Devotee [26.11.2015, single]
  • Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time [31.12.2015, single]
  • Death of a Bachelor [14.01.2016, album]
  • Say Amen for Silver Linings [21.03.2018, EP]
  • High Hopes on Saturday Night [23.05.2018, EP]
  • King of High Hopes [18.06.2018, EP]
  • King of the Clouds [18.06.2018, single]
  • Pray for the Wicked [22.06.2018, album]
  • Say Amen (Saturday Night) (Sweater Beats Remix) [24.08.2018, single]


  • Live In Denver [2006]
  • …Live in Chicago [02.12.2008]
  • iTunes Live [26.09.2011]
  • All My Friends, We’re Glorious: Death of a Bachelor Tour Live [15.12.2017]


  • Video Catalog [01.03.2011, other]
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