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Parle - It's Going Down (feat. Ruff Ryders) - lyrics

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It's Going Down

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Yeah Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Yeah, Yeah

(Chorus) 2x

I've been waiting, Spend my time chasing

For your Love, But it's goin down tonight

It's goin down tonight

Verse 1:

What did you think you would do?

What did you think you would say?

After I told you how I was feeling

Never thought I'd see this day

I always kept dreaming

Never I felt you hurt my heart

I knew that you would soon see better

All I can do is hope and Say


Is there a chance or a possibility

That I can get close to you

I want to get Romantic with you

Do all the things that lovers do

Finally all the things that I've done to get

The chance to be with you

It was sure nuf' worth the wait

Tonight I'll be wrapped up in your arms

(Chorus) 2x

Verse 2:

I always kept Wishing

I always kept Praying

Good things come to those who wait

That's what Mama always said

Baby dat Phrase stuck in my head

There's nothing I won't do, To Please you

Even the chance, Ill do you right

Deep down inside I have to knowwwwww


(Chorus) 4x


Aw Yeah

Aww Yeah




Aww Yeah

Ryde or Die

Don't go byyyyyy

Aw Yeah

Hey, Hey, Heyyyyyyyyyyyy 

(Chorus) 4x   
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