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Porter Wagoner - Cryin' Loud - lyrics

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Cryin' Loud

  • lyrics

Composers: Jimmy Selph
Lyricists: Jimmy Selph
Tonight I'm all alone in my lonely room outside the rain is falling slowly on

And when I close my eyes that's when I realize inside me something keeps calling

I'm cryin' loud loud loud it can't be her for you should see these teardrops falling

I'm cryin' loud loud loud it can't be her darling can't you hear my heart calling

(Calling) calling (calling) I'm cryin' loud it can't be her

[ fiddle ]

Calling for my love my one and only love I've cried till my pillow's wet with tears

No matter what you've done you're still the only one

So please come back and dry these tears

I'm cryin' loud loud loud...