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Rocky Leon - Bitter - chords, lyrics

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  • chords, lyrics

Rocky Leon
на аккордах: Dm-A#-D7-C

ain't it clear? can't you see? 
I'm as sick o f the world as it is if me 
and I wanna run but I don't know where 
and I just might shave off all my hair 
I'm a cripple on the ground 
While the rain is falling down 
Steady drizzle; drive me crazy 
It'll be many more days before I drown
another breath another day 
No I must find another way 
another face another smile 
another moment in denial 
another rush of frozen rage 
as I turn another burning page 
another wish I should forget 
another thought that I regret
how do you make something bitter turn sweet? 
cover it with sugar don't bury it in shit 
how do you teach a hater to love when he is 
blind and without arms and legs, bleeding in a pit?
I'm afraid of turning bitter 
and I wanna quit being a quitter 
I don't wanna grow to be a bitter old man 
I would rather go with Peter Pan 
fly away to Neverneverland 
Never grow old never grow bland 
Never get jaded never get faded 
Never think of all the things I've hated
I wanna run but there's nowhere to go 
I wanna disappear like the clouds I blow 
I can only hide but not for long I wish I had 
more strength but I'm not strong 
another rush of frozen rage 
as I turn another burning page 
another face without a smile 
another moment like a trial
I'm turning bitter bitter bitter bitter