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Taylor Swift - Brought Up That Way - chords, lyrics

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Brought Up That Way
Taylor Swift
Okay so this is my fist tab... this is how i play the song... I am not 100% 

sure but it sounds right when i play it with the recording...it's a 

beautiful song and i know it's unreleased so i hope it is officially 

released soon... other than that if you like this, please view my youtube 

channel "Ms123bambi" and make any requests there...

C           Am
Emily comes home from school
F               G
Grabs on to her daddy's hand
C                 Am
He says baby girl what's wrong with you
F                              G
She says, please don't make me go back there again
C                          Am                         G
She says I wish there was some way to make them stop it
C                          Am             G  F
So he drives down to that principals office

He says I didn't bring her up
So they could cut her down
I didn't bring her here
So they could shut her out
I live my whole damn life
To see that little girl smile
G                F                       G  
So why are tears pouring down that sweet face?
She wasn't brought up that way

C            Am
Emily's home late again
F                G
He sees that boy drive away
C                        Am
But somethings different this time
F                      G
She hasn't got much to say
C                 Am             F                   G       
She said he tried but there just some things I won't do
C               Am             F                     G
And through the tears she says I couldn't do that to you

and he says,
I didn't bring you up
So he could wear you down
Take that innocent heart
And turn it inside out
C                         Am
I live my whole damn life to see my little girl smile
G                   F
So don't let nobody take that away
G                           C
You weren't brought up that way

C                    Am
The phone rings on a rainy night
F                  G 
Says it's officer Tate
C                            Am
He said, sir there's been an accident
F               G
You better come down here right away
C                Am
A drunken driver missed an over-pass
F          G
And Emily, she's fading fast

He says,
God I didn't bring her up
So I could watch them lay her Down
G                        F
Nearly killed me the day they put her mama in the ground
C                                 Am 
The only thing that kept me alive was that little girl's smile
G         F
So please don't take that away
G                C     Am  G
It won't be easy taking her today
She wasn't brought up that way

he stands over the hospital bed
F                   G    C
and Emily opens her eyes