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Vacuum - I Breathe - аккорды

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I Breathe
[ original key is Ebm ]

Em  Hm/D    Am/C             Am Hm
I breathe clouds beneath my window
Em Hm/D Am/C            Cm/Eb
I see  rockets in the sky
I feel satellites in limbo
I breathe oxygen up high

[ Em ]

        Em            Hm
I load lead inside my engine
 D            Am
Lead and alcohol
On the radio depending
I sign the protocol

Hail the audience the media
People everywhere
In the hours ahead I'll see your
Green Biosphere
Clean Biosphere
Castles in the air
Climbing the stair
Way to heaven when

[ chorus ]

I've been trained to navigate
My futurist balloon
After years a week will see me
Landing on the moon

Raise a banner on the planets
Life grows everywhere
In the manner of the mission
Green Biosphere
Clean Biosphere
Castles in the air
Climbing the stair
Way to heaven when

[ chorus ]