Six Billion Voices

Vacuum - Six Billion Voices - Lyrics

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I never stole a kiss from someone, 
 And I've never seen the Greenlandic sun, 
 And I never took a walk on that wall, 
 Can I have it all? 
 And I never had a lunch in Phnom Penh, 
 So can you breathe again? 

 If six billion voices would call out your name, 
 Could you come down from heaven? 
 There's six billion choices and so many roads 
 When you're there up in heaven, 
 I've six billion things to say to you 

I never took a dive with no sharks, 
 Seen a fire-fly that glows in the dark, 
 I couldn't tell you what it feels like at all, 
 But I'd break your fall, 
 And I never kissed a girl in Phnom Penh, 
 So can you breathe again?