На поле танки грохотали

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Нотный режим
На поле танки грохотали
Военные, армейские песни
[ Предположительная тональность: Am ]

Am                          C
The tanks were rattling like a thunder,
              G             C
The soldiers went to final fight,
A7             Dm              Am
And here they carried young commander
                E        Am
With head all broken outright.

     Am                      C
His tank was hit with armor-piercer
             G                C
So say good-bye to Guardian crew.
A7              Dm             Am
Just four more corpses in the hillside
             E            Am
Will add to fair morning view

        Am                 C
'Cause now the vehicle is burning,
               G            C
Wait for the shells to detonate,
A7         Dm              Am
You wanna live to see this morning
                E                Am
But you're too weak and it's too late

      Am                           C
They'll lift us from beneath the wreckage
            G                C
Remove our bodies from the fray
A7              Dm               Am
While fire and thunder from the cannons
          E             Am
Escort us on our final way

     Am                    C
And telegrams will set a-flying
        G              C
To notify our next of kin:
A7             Dm         Am
Your son will never be returning
             E         Am
On leave he won't be stopping in

     Am                  C
His mother wails in the corner
             G               C
His father swats a creeping tear
A7             Dm             Am
His love will never know for certain
             E               Am
What fate befell her tanker dear

     Am                    C
A photo on her shelf will linger
            G                C
Among the yellowed books forlorn
A7           Dm           Am
In tanker's garment, epaulets on
            E         Am
And fiancé to her no more.

Военные, армейские песни - На поле танки грохотали - ноты

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