Chords for Justin Bieber’s Believe album

Today is a good day for all Justin Bieber‘s fans! His new album Believe was released some times ago, but now our site presents
an exclusive — full and accurate chords’ compilation of Justin’s new songs!

Need to say that there was already been published chords for some songs on other sites. But all of them have mass of errors.
Our chords written by professional musician and are true! Play with pleasure :)

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The world’s largest archive for musicians PrimaNota.ru was started!

Welcome to PrimaNota.ru, the world’s largest archive of free sheet music, tabulatures, chords and song lyrics! This size of the content was not yet anywhere else. If you want to perform some music and you need a sheet or text — you’ve come to the right place.

  • Have you ever got exhausted before while looking through long and non-informative results of web search systems?
  • Have you found yourselves on weird sites where it’s the hell of a mess?
  • Repeatedly followed the links having to watch tons of ads and in the end got an offer to pay money instead of finding sheet music?
  • Failed to find everything needed on one site?

Forget that as a nightmare, because now there is PrimaNota.ru!

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Some features of PrimaNota.ru

1) Just enter performer’s name or composition’s title in search-box at the top of the page and press Enter! And you get instantly a list of matched artists (it appears on the left) and compositions (on the right).

Some search’s features:

  • it check matches of performers in both English and Russian languages (for example, Sergey Rachmaninov will found as for «Rachmaninov», and on-demand «Рахманинов»);
  • sometimes, performer has two different names in database (for example, this situation could happen with «Sergey Rachmaninov», «Rachmaninov Sergey» or «Рахманинов Сергей»). And therefore did not find a list of some works by the artist, make sure that the list not contains another synonym of this artist;
  • some russian authors as the main name are writting in Russian (although the search will find them and by request in English);

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